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Water Polo

Interested in playing Water Polo this 2017 Fall Season?

2016 Water Polo Team

2016 Water Polo Team

Interested in playing Water Polo this 2017 Fall Season?

All of our Water Polo players started out having never played Water Polo before.

Practices start in July, but you can join at any time.
Both Boys and Girls (8th-12th grades) are welcome.
Feel free to try it out and see if you like it.
Water Polo combines the skills of swimming, football & lacrosse, among others…Awesome

Click on Schedule button above to learn about our practice and competition schedule

Coach Julie Ferris is the returning NS Head Coach and should be contacted with any interest about learning more about the sport or joining this team.
Justin Cohen, a 2015 graduate of North Springs and our program, will be happy to answer any of your questions from a player’s perspective.



Dues for our team will be $200 this year (for new players see below for a discount due to purchasing a suit).  This is slightly higher than last year, but we are in need of some equipment (new/more balls especially).  Please make your check out to NSCHS and put “water polo” in the memo line.  You will also need to complete all forms in Privit (the electronic platform with all physical, concussion, etc. forms). Please email Coach Ferris ( for copies of all forms.  If you are in middle/private/other school, please still fill out all forms in Privit.  It should let you save, but if it doesn’t since you don’t go to NS, just print it out and bring to me.  If you attend a school other than North Springs and you have already turned yours in, I will need the name of the person who has yours on file to verify.  All who attend North Springs are asked to be Spartan Booster members as well (click here to join).  Lastly, every player also must join American Water Polo (, which covers all insurance for all pools.  Please choose “North Springs Water Polo” as your club when you register.






Our team suit can be ordered using the links below, and it is the orange one.  Please order on your own, but new players can deduct $30 from your dues to aid in the cost of the suit.  If you do not know what size you are, you can go to any swim shop and try on Speedo brand suits to see your size.  You are welcome to search online to see if you can find it cheaper on Amazon or somewhere!


For male players:—powerflex-eco/style-8051625


For female players:



We will start summer practices the first week of July, and have practice on Wednesday, July 5, and Friday, July 7 at Spalding Woods Club (900 Spalding Drive).  We will then practice every Monday and Wednesday from 9-10:30AM through July.  Josh Stovall, former North Springs player, will be coaching morning practices to get you ready for the season.  Justin Cohen, former player and current starter at UGA, will also be helping.  We know that some of you have jobs or will be on vacation, but it is essential you are at as many practices as possible. Please do your best to adjust schedules where possible and discuss any major absences with Coach Ferris.




  1. Come to practice
  2. Complete 2 forms (registration and medical) and get your physical completed.
  3. Fill out all forms in Privit following attached instructions
  4. Become an AWP member:
    1. Choose “North Springs Water Polo” as your club
  5. Purchase suit (if needed) as described above
  6. Join the Spartans Athletic Booster Club (
  7. Donate your case of water/Gatorade per Coach’s instructions