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Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · 2017-18 Cheerleading Information

Any current or incoming North Springs students that are interested in participating in cheerleading, we thank you for your patience.  We have had a coaching change for the upcoming school year.  Our new coach will be Coach Alexandra Jemison.  She has been teaching abroad in Korea.  She will be back in the states in July.  Tentatively, cheer will get going the second week of July.  Below is a letter for any and all potential cheerleaders for football and basketball. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Coach Jemison at

North Springs Charter High Cheerleaders

Dear Parent/ Guardian and Cheerleaders,

          Your child has expressed interest in becoming a NSCHS Spartan Cheerleader.  This rewarding experience requires hard work, dedication, and parental support. We are starting this year a little behind schedule and we apologize for our shortcomings. We will be having a meeting in the near future and from there, we will hit the ground running. Please keep a tentative date for the second week of July, until further notice.

            Also, it has been brought to my attention that NSCHS usually has a basketball squad and a football squad. This year we will have one combined squad that will cheer for basketball and football season. Varsity will honor 15 girls, JV will honor 10, and Freshmen will honor 8. I regret that these changes will change the dynamics of the squad; however, Coach Glenn and I feel that this is necessary to benefit us all. Furthermore, I am aware that a 1st round cheerleading tryout was conducted. Those involved, please be aware that we will have another mini-tryout. To help with this endeavor, please submit a video of an introduction of yourself: stating who you are, your grade, your GPA, and why cheerleading is your passion (Why should you be a Spartan Cheerleader). I also would like to see your best Cheer moves, jumps, and cheer/chants or whatever else you feel will allow you to stand out. Please expect an email from Google Drive.  All documents and videos will need to be uploaded to that drive. 

            There are costs that come along with cheerleading.  Expenses include, but are not limited to uniforms, camp, camp wear, shoes, bags, warm-ups, socks, and briefs.  The total to cover these expenses is an estimated $650.00 (more or less). Incorporated with that fee, will also be the athletic fee of $100.00. Mandatory fundraising activities will help to cover some of the financial obligations, but ultimately the responsibility rests with each individual cheerleader.  The amount remaining after all fundraisers have been accounted for will be paid by monthly installments beginning in July and ending in October.

            In the event, that your child is selected to become a cheerleader and represent his/her school, there are many responsibilities that come along with this opportunity.  Cheerleaders must carry themselves in a respectable and professional manner at all times; remain academically eligible, and attend practices regularly. These aspects maintain that as a squad, when put together, we consistently look and perform our best.

            I thank you for continuing the spirit of the NSCHS Spartan Cheerleading Squad and I hope that we can make this a wonderful 2017-2018 Cheer season, that will encourage positive behavior, good grades, and teamwork while allowing those involved the opportunity to have fun performing and demonstrating spirit for their team. Please sign and return this form below if you understand and agree to this notice.


Thank you,

Ms. Alexandria Jemison

Cheerleading Coach


Students Name ___________________________________________


I have read and understand the responsibilities that come along with cheerleading. I will be participating further with the program.





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